LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – A Longview man was sentenced to life in prison by a jury on Thursday for the 2021 murder of Lori Follis.

Joshua Ross McCuller, 40, was previously charged and accused of assaulting the woman by hitting her with a hammer, according to court documents.

The Gregg County District Attorney’s Office said he had fantasies of “becoming a serial killer.” He had a room in his apartment that was a “slaughter room” and had cutting instruments, saws and a video camera, said authorities.

“His fantasies included strangulation, necrophilia and mutilation of women,” said the DA’s office.

There was no romantic relationship between Follis and McCuller. She had been McCuller’s mental-health case worker in the past and had tried to help him.

“McCuller was so evil that he caused the death of one of the only friends he had. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Lori Follis,” said the DA’s office.

Officials also said they completed the punishment phase of the case on Thursday and about five witnesses took the stand.

The DA’s office said a witness, who was a nurse, also reported that McCuller previously attacked her while he was at the hospital, and the DA’s office said this incident along with other information shared in court probably influenced the jury to make their decision.

Assistant District Attorneys Tanya Reed and Dustin Farahnak represented the state of Texas in this case.