KILGORE, Texas (KETK) — Becoming a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders takes more than just talent. Hundreds of women go through the rigorous training camp every year, hoping for a chance to become world-renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

From Kilgore College Rangerette to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Kelee Norris of Longview left the comfort of her East Texas home and pursued her dream of being an NFL cheerleader.

“It’s been a goal for quite some time now,” said Norris. “I had gone back and forth about even auditioning for a long time because that fear kind of started to set in.”

A goal she had had for a while, but with encouragement from her Rangerette family, Norris decided to try out and made the team.

“I think we all said you need to try out for DCC,” said Dana Blair, director of the Kilgore College Rangerettes. “We just thought she would be a good fit. Her dance style, she’s just a beauty; and you know, just I think we thought she would be someone that they would really enjoy having.”

High kicking her way from Kilgore College to AT&T Stadium.

“Kelly Norris was an amazing Rangerette,” said Blair. “She’s a natural talent. We knew that the very first time we ever saw her. She was just a beautiful person inside and out.”

Norris said the time she spent as a Rangerette helped prepare her for taking the football field as a professional dancer.

“I think my experiences as a Rangerette definitely helped me when it comes to like the kicking aspect of DCC,” said Norris. “When we’re performing, we do a whole routine, and then we do kicks at the very end. And if you’ve never had kicks in your life, it is one of the most difficult things to do.”

After making Rookie of the Year last year, she is back for a second season.

“I love performing at the home games,” said Norris. “You put on that uniform, and you step in front of the Cowboys crowd and fans, and you just feel kind of the electricity in the air. It just feels like the ultimate end goal, you know, you’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and you’re finally doing what you came here to do.”

She is earning her spot as one of America’s sweethearts.

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