LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — With temperatures dropping lower and lower by the minute, HiWay 80 and The Longview Salvation Army said they have plenty of room to help anyone stuck in the cold at any time.

“We will sleep as many people as we have to. When we run out of beds we will put up mattresses on the floor with sleeping bags. We will put people in the chapel, we will put people in the day room,” said Amelia Heatherly with HiWay 80.

If you are in need of a coat, a hot meal and a warm shower, you can get those needs met there.

Resident Larry Bowie said he knows what it’s like to be out in the cold and urges people on the street to come inside.

“Let your pride down and come get some help, in a controlled environment. That’s what’s more important to me, is a controlled environment, safe environment,” said Bowie.

Strong winds are making it feel colder than the actual temperature.

“This would have been too much with me and my dogs, so I came here out of desperation and it’s been one of the best places I’ve ever seen,” said resident, David Turman.

The Longview Salvation Army also has beds and cots available.

“If anyone needs any clothing, warm clothing, something like that we do have that here,” said case manager, Laurie Ramsey.

The shelter is extending their morning and feed hours, so people aren’t back out in the cold and hungry.

Hiway 80 encourages people to guide those in need to the resources available to them.

For anyone that’s watching and needs to come in, please do. They are really saving me,” said Turman.

The Salvation Army in Tyler is also taking people in as a warming center.

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