LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – An East Texas man is planning to spend the next few months walking over 1,000 miles to Washington D.C.

He said he’s been preparing for months and that he is walking for one reason: God.

“He’s been on me about 10 years to take this walk, and finally spoke audibly to me on December 28 during a prayer,” Maclean said. “I was the only one that heard it, but he said that it’s time to prepare for your walk and the walk is to rise up the church. We’re sitting idle too much and the government’s having their way and taking God out of everything.”

His mission, he says, is to bring God back into the U.S. government.

Several church goers accompanied Maclean as he took his first few steps towards the nation’s capital on Sunday. He is carrying a big cross the whole way.

“The government is going to see it,” Maclean said. “When they first see it, they’re probably gonna think we’re just some crazy Christians and I am a crazy Christian, I’m crazy in love with Jesus and I’m tired of him getting stepped on and kicked out.”

Two other church members are making the long journey with Maclean, but he also invites Christians from all over the country to join him from Longview to the capital.

Maclean plans on taking 80,000 steps per day and it will take him about two months to get there. He’s anticipating a July arrival, with plans to speak on July 19 at the Lincoln Memorial.

The walk will be streamed live the whole way, and you can tune in on their Facebook page.