ATHENS, Texas (KETK) – Micah Wolfe is the owner of the Lake Palestine Resort and he says the low lake levels are impacting East Texans.

“The biggest effect of course is the much higher presence of stumps, so there is a lot of safety to worry about or watch out for,” he said.

Though it isn’t all bad. He is also looking at the issue with a glass-half-full mentality.

“It does present a nice opportunity to do some shoreline modifications that we have been needing to do, trying to repair erosion issues and things like that, that are very difficult to do when the water level is up high. Right now, with the water being low (it) is an excellent opportunity to get those repairs and items handled,” said Wolfe.

According to the Texas Water Development Board, Lake Palestine is down 2.56 feet, and they aren’t the only ones suffering. Lake Athens is down 1.69 feet.

“It’s hard to get a boat inside the water with it being so low, and it makes it very dangerous. I barely even come out,” said Elijah McDonald, a fisherman at Lake Athens.

He has been coming to the lake to fish for years, but now that is changing.

“The action of the fish, (or) how active they are. It just really goes down and really affects me as an angler,” said McDonald.

He added that he is seeing fewer people coming out to enjoy fishing or boating.

“It makes some of the bass fisherman not want to come out here, and it doesn’t help the Lake Athens boathouse restaurant because they don’t get as much traffic,” said McDonald.

Businesses on the lake are suffering from the lower water, and Wolfe said his business may be next.

“Our docks are going to be unserviceable probably… if it drops another foot. If it goes beyond that we’re going to have some other issues I think,” said Wolfe.

But, he hopes they will get some rain before that has to happen.