TYLER, Texas (KETK) – On Saturday night East Texas native and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sustained a high ankle sprain. It happened during the first quarter of the Chiefs game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“To come back within a week, it’s going to be extremely, extremely hard,” said Dr. Jayesh Patel, chief of orthopedics at the CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic.

“[With] high ankle sprains, actually the ligaments between your skinny bone called your fibula and your shin bone is what’s stretched or hurt,” said Patel.

The injury to his right ankle occurred during a tackle in the last two minutes of the first quarter, but he continued to play.

“It’s usually a lot of force to get a high ankle sprain, so it’s usually falling on it and twisting at the same time or you know your under a pile and somebody grabs your leg and twists it,” said Patel.

During the rest of the game the quarterback was seen limping and not putting pressure on his leg.

“A grade 1 or a simple high ankle sprain, you can treat that without surgery but it’s a six to eight week recovery,” said Patel.

Mahomes wants to continue playing as the Chiefs continue their road to the Super Bowl and that’s where physical therapy could help.

“They would be working on getting his motion to fully return, probably doing some stretches on his ankle and his lower leg. They may be using a compression device to keep the swelling down because that’s one of the most important things,” said Art Carney, a physical therapy assistant at the CHRISTUS Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute in Tyler.

Even with about a weeks worth of physical therapy, his movements may still be hindered.

“It’s going to be hard for him to plant and pivot and shift,” said Patel.

Mahomes has been out of practice resting and working his ankle, but he returned to the field Wednesday and will take it day by day ahead of the game this weekend.