TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Oncor said they were able to restore electricity to the majority of customers in the area, but there are still many people waiting for the lights to come back on.

Samantha and Tyler Prock are just two people along with thousands of others experiencing power outages in East Texas.

“We lost electricity at about 2 p.m. Wednesday and it’s still not on,” said Samantha Prock.

Just a few streets over from their Tyler home, an entire was tree knocked over, landing on powerlines. It’s a problem you’ll find throughout the city.

“Always have a little bit of a plan so if nobody said hey heads up you’re about to lose power, that you’d be able to at least get by a couple of days,” said Tyler Prock.

Thankfully, the couple was prepared with items like this portable power station, charged up using a solar panel.

“We have lots of flashlights, we had camping food we have lots of blankets. We did live in Colorado for five years and so we learned how to layer really well,” explained Tyler.

“We’ve been boiling water with our camping stove, and so we’ve been able to enjoy hot beverages like coffee and tea,” said Samantha.

The two spent the week cuddling with their animals for warmth and piling on the blankets. At its coldest, their home was 47-degrees.

“It was so cold last night that we could see our breath, which is the first time that’s ever happened to me in a Texas house,” said Tyler.

Everyone on their block was dealing with the same struggles.

“Just being able to like talk with our neighbors and all of the people that have reached out to us to see that we’re doing okay, I think that that really helped us a whole lot,” added Tyler.

With the sun finally being out, the pair are spending time outside, staying busy in the yard with their chickens.

“It’s warmer outside than it is in my house right now, so we are definitely enjoying this warm sunshine,” said Samantha.

They were making the most of their situation and waiting it out patiently as crews work as quickly as they can.

Update: Samantha and Tyler are happy to report their power was restored Friday, shortly after we visited them.