MARSHALL, Texas (KETK) — Marshall city officials announced that a missing dog whose owner was initially told was adopted, was euthanized after eight days at the Marshall Pet Adoption Center.

On Sept. 30 around 9 a.m. officials said that they received a call about a dog trapped on a fence. Marshall Animal Control officers arrived and found the dog hanging by its leg, injured and ‘extremely agitated,’ the release stated.

According to the City of Marshall Police Department, Texas law mandates a three-day hold for stray animals.

Police said that this dog was held for seven days, but since there was “no claim of ownership and no inquiries about the dog, along with the dog’s continued aggressive behavior and a deteriorating condition, staff followed current protocols and humanely euthanized the animal.”

Officials said that the dog’s owner contacted MPAC after eight days, but the dog was unfortunately euthanized by that time. A staff member at MPAC mistakenly told the owner that the dog had been adopted, according to a release.

Officials said that when management realized the mistake, the owners were contacted and advised that the dog had been euthanized.

“MPAC will ensure that procedures are in place to ensure that this type of mistake is not made in the future. The MPAC strives diligently to return lost animals to their owners or to place them for adoption or rescue, and will provide additional training for employees for these types of notifications,” officials said.

If you have a missing pet, MPAC recommends the following steps:

  1. All dogs should be microchipped with current information and wear a collar with a tag that includes the owner’s contact information. When animals are picked up by Animal Control Officers and brought into the shelter, the animals are checked for a microchip and tags.
  2. Please keep your pets secure. It is a violation of City ordinance for animals to run at large.
  3. If your animal is lost, contact the MPAC immediately with a description and the last known location of your pet.
  4. Check the MPAC Facebook page for photos of recovered lost and stray animals. MPAC posts photos of all lost or stray animals taken into the MPAC on this Facebook page.