MARSHALL, Texas (KETK) – Marshall Police Chief Cliff Carruth issued a statement about the recent rise in violent crime in the city.

He said they are using every tool at their disposal to bring an end to the violent crimes and arrest those perpetrating them. Marshall PD is partnering with other local, state and federal law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies in an attempt to make the city safer.

This comes as shootings and other violent crimes seem to be steadily on the rise in the Marshall area. On Monday, a mother and her two children were caught in the middle of a shooting when their vehicle was shot at multiple times. Luckily, they only received minor injuries from broken glass.

Another bystander was seriously injured in a shooting outside of a shopping center when he was hit by a stray bullet. Police were later able to arrest a 21-year-old in connection to that shooting.

See Carruth’s full statement below:

“The men and women of the Marshall Police Department are aware that our community is very concerned with the recent increase in violent crime in Marshall. We share that concern with you. We want everyone to know that we take these incidents seriously and are utilizing every tool at our disposal to identify and arrest those involved and bring an end to these violent crimes. We are not relying solely on our own department’s personnel and capabilities; we are partnering with other agencies to amplify our response. These partners include local, state, and federal law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies that are working together towards the common goal of making Marshall a safe place for all of our families.

I understand that this is not a specific answer that lays out exactly what steps are being taken, but we cannot share that information as it can compromise our investigations and our efforts to stop the senseless violence in our community.

I ask that everyone in our community be vigilant and to share what they know. These senseless, violent attacks do not occur in a vacuum and people in our community have information that is critical to solving these crimes. We cannot force anyone to provide that information to us, but the only way to bring peace to our city is to bring those participating in these shootings to justice. We must all work together so that no more lives are lost, and we can feel safe in our homes. No one should be afraid to leave their homes or be concerned that the type of vehicle they drive could be targeted by criminals because of the make, model or color of that vehicle.

We will put a stop to this senseless violence, but information is the key. Our officers cannot be everywhere all the time and investigations like this are built on information that is shared by those who have it.

In closing, we are working around the clock to end this spike in senseless violence and hold those responsible accountable for their crimes. If you have information that you believe will help, please call the Marshall Police Department at 903-935-4575. If you wish provide anonymous information, please call the Marshall/Harrison County Crimestoppers at 903-935-9969 or use the P3 mobile app.”

Police Chief Cliff Carruth