TYLER, Texas (KETK) — With the severe weather season upon us, East Texas roofing companies are busy installing metal roofs that can last through these storms.

“Metal roofs can take the brunt of hail force, much, much better than any type of shingle roof system also the winds rating is incredibly better it’s going to take anywhere from a two and a half to a three-inch size hail to even affect a metal roof system,” said Josiah Rosebury, the owner of Yosemite Roofing.

Adding that the usual, shingle roof system lasts 15-20 years.

“The life expectancy of a metal roof system is much longer than a shingle so a metal roof system could last anywhere from 40 to 50 years depending on the type of roof system that the homeowner actually ends up choosing,” said Rosebury.

Also protecting structures from extreme damage by wildfires. 

“Fire rating system on a metal roof system is impeccable compared to an asphalt shingle-based roof system,” said Rosebury.

Metal roof systems can cost up to 50% higher in cost compared to the average shingle-asphalt installations. It’s recommended that you do your research and hire a company with experience.

“So, you need to make sure that you’re dealing with a roofing company that it is their everyday practice that this isn’t just their one-off,” said Rosebury.

So, East Texans can find the right roof to protect themselves and their homes.