TYLER, Texas (KETK) — With the big game just days away, millions will be participating in sports betting. Meanwhile, here in Texas, any type of gambling is illegal.

“50 million American adults, that is one in every five Americans plans to bet. That’s a collective $16 billion on the Super Bowl,” said David Forman, Vice President of Research, American Gaming Association.

Super Bowl LVII will be monumental for the legal sports betting market.

“Sports betting is illegal yet in Texas, but there is no doubt that there are people across Texas who are going to be betting on the game,” said Forman.

He added that the legal market allows everything to be regulated and measured.

“There is definitely sports betting happening online and otherwise and that is kind of what is happening here is the legislature recognizing that it is going to exist, no matter,” said Justin Roberts, attorney at Roberts and Roberts Law Firm.

On Monday, Senate Bill 715 and Senate Joint Resolution 39 were introduced to legalize and regulate mobile sports betting.

“To legalize sports betting in the state you have to change the constitution. And to do that you not only need two-thirds passage in the house and senate but then you need the majority of the Texas voters to pass the amendment that would allow the legislature to legalize sports betting,” said Roberts.

He added there is a high hurdle for sports betting to be legalized but, there may be a chance.

“From sports betting, let’s take that one first, that is where you can download an app and place bets on different sports games. That one I don’t see an issue with,” said Cody Harris, State Rep. House District 8.

The most recent bills filed do not include in-person betting, but Harris knows millions of Texans travel to states where they can gamble.

“I would love to hear from my constituents on what they think about sports betting and casino gambling. This is something I’m going to take great consideration on,” said Harris.

For now, Texans will continue to leave the state to place a legal bet on their favorite team.