MINEOLA, Texas (KETK) — Mineola primary and middle school principals Jole Ray and Kendall Gould say alleviating fear for parents and making sure the staff is prepared for anything are the top priorities.

“My favorite part is getting to see the kids,” said Kendall Gould, Mineola Middle School Principal.

Gould and the Primary Principal Jole Ray said the first day of school has been great.

“It has been a joyous morning. We’ve had a lot of students come in, as well as families walking them to classes this morning and it’s just been great to reconnect,” said Ray.

One thing Mineola ISD is adding to this year is increased safety.

“We have a lot of new procedures, especially with safety, just in light of what happened at the end of last school year, kind of reflecting on where we are with our procedures, and adjusting,” said Ray.

Teachers will be spending more time talking to students and making sure they understand the new safety measures.

“Our dismissal procedure is going to be the same for the parents, but for us, we are going to have the students in house, and then be released as parents show up,” said Gould.

Mineola ISD staff want to make sure that with anything they do, the students feel at ease.

“We want them to feel loved, and we don’t want them to feel fear, and we want them to know we are taking care of them,” said Ray.

They want to make sure that the parents know about and understand the new procedures.

“We want parents to know their kids are safe, and we are working hard to make sure that happens,” said Gould.

Both principals said they just want all the students to have a great safe year.