MINEOLA, Texas (KETK) — Police are investigating two separate threats allegedly made by students toward Mineola ISD on Thursday and Friday, the district said. One student was searched and no harmful objects were found, another student was detained, the district said.

According to Mineola ISD, on Thursday a report was made to the middle school administration office about a broad threat made on a church van the evening before concerning possible harm to the middle school campus.

“As required by law, a Behavioral Threat Assessment was conducted to investigate the student and these comments,” the district said.

Mineola ISD said the student was searched and no firearms, magazines or other harmful objects were found. The campus was never put on lockdown and the investigation continued throughout the day, the district said.

Early on Friday, a parent contacted Mineola Police Department about a threat made toward their child. The student in question stayed home at the request of the middle school administration and was never on campus during the day, Mineola ISD said.

At 11:40 a.m. Friday, Mineola ISD Police Department got a search warrant to detain a juvenile for threats of violence, they were then turned over to the Wood County Juvenile Justice System, the district said in a Facebook post.

Superintendent Cody Mize added a few points to give everyone a better understanding of school safety. Find them below:

1. During a situation like this, factual information is critical. There were many things shared on social media today that were absolutely incorrect and added to panic and fear.

2. School safety is the most important thing that we do prior to educating children at Mineola ISD. We are very fortunate to have our very own Mineola ISD Police Department with three officers in the Department. We also have a highly trained team of individuals that carry firearms on our campus. When the campuses are closed and everyone else is at home, this team is training.

They love your/our kids so much that they willingly stepped forward to take on this assignment. You will never know who they are, but they are there, quietly protecting our kids, faculty, staff, and parents on the campuses and at school events throughout the district.

Mineola ISD Superintendent Cody Mize

He thanked the parents for making him aware of the issue overnight.

“It was because of you that we were able to address it as quickly as possible this morning. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns I would be glad to visit with you face-to-face to discuss this incident or school safety in general. We are always trying to find ways to continue to improve,” said Mize.