SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Minks are part of the same family, including weasels, otters, and ferrets. We are told these minks showed up around October and have since been on a killing spree.

The Villages Marina on Lake Palestine is where people often visit to feed the geese. Robbie Hunt often feeds the birds with his family.

“Ever since we’ve lived out here, we’ve always came down here and fed the geese, and everyone down here feeds the ducks and the geese,” said Robbie Hunt.

Hunt lives near the Marina with his fiancé. The couple says they have lost several geese to minks.

“We had five geese that we raised out here on the lake, and we noticed some of them were coming up missing,” said Hunt.

They have had their geese for two and a half years with no problems until these past few months.

“Some lady and some man brought some geese out here the other day as a matter of fact, and they dropped two of them off, and just in a matter of hours, we came down here, and one of them were gone, and the mink had already got it,” said Hunt.

However, the fowl are not the only ones being hunted; these minks are also killing fish, snakes and turtles to the point that there is not much left.

“They come up, and they grab them by the neck till they can no longer breathe, and they eat just their breast,” said Hunt.

Some people may hunt the wild animals for sport, but not food.

“We need to find somebody who can hunt these things down because they aren’t going to go away by themselves; they’re gonna continue to stay here because of the food supply,” said Hunt.

Asking for help from the community to save the geese. The minks mostly come out at night when fewer people are around, making it more challenging to catch them in the act.