CUSHING, Texas (KETK) — Downed power lines, trees, debris on roadways and homes without roofs are what is left of the destruction from Monday’s storms.

“It was scary. I was at my son’s house, and it sounded like a freight train coming over the house,” said Cushing resident, Angela Johnson.

Homes in the Nacogdoches and Rusk County areas sustained significant damage from the tornado as trees landed on houses and power lines blocked streets and businesses. Residents say that they did not expect to see the devastation they woke up to.

“I didn’t know what it was, and I was looking out the window watching the lightning and it went right over us and went down 204 where there’s lots of damage,” said Johnson.

People like Johnson are now waiting for their power to return and they could be waiting as long as four days. In Rusk County, the damage could be seen immediately along the roadways.

“We knew we had some reports of structural damage, roofs are missing, and we’ve had some commercial structures also damaged along that area on 315 and US-259 down south in that direction along 84,” said Public Information Officer for Rusk County Emergency Management, Dave Chenault.

Emergency crews are still working with Highway 84 remaining closed until large tree limbs and power lines are removed. Fire and rescue and linemen have been scouting all areas to assess the damage and make sure roads are clear. 

“Fortunately, we haven’t had any reports of serious injury. We’ve had some scrapes and bruises and we had someone trapped in an RV that got turned over late last night. Mount Enterprise rescue crews were able to free them from that without any serious injury,” said Chenault.

No life-threatening injuries have been reported in Cushing, but as Johnson shared with us, her neighbor is in the hospital with a broken jaw. It is recommended for all drivers to stay safe and off roadways until all debris has been cleared.