TYLER, Texas (KETK)- Each year you have to untangle the lights, make sure they still work and try to get up on the roof to hang them. But, this year several people are keeping the lights in the closet and letting someone else do all the work.

“It’s not as expensive as one might think it is,” said Brad McCullough, the Christmas Department Manager with Salcido Lawn.

Salcido Lawn has added hanging Christmas lights to their services at a reasonable price.

“Most of everything the contractors do here around town is priced around the foot. It can range anywhere from $4 to $8 a linear foot,” said McCullough.

A team of three will come out to your house, show you a design, and start hanging them.

“Usually, on a house like this it takes about three to four hours. Then, it takes about an hour (or) hour and a half to take them down at the end of the season,” said McCullough.

They are helping cut the time you are prepping for Christmas in half, and making sure they stay working through the holiday.

“We’ll take care of them and service them while we are in season. Then, we will come back and we will take the lights down,” said McCullough.

Adding a variety of lights, decorations and wreaths, but when it comes to picking a company to hang your lights you have to be careful.

“Be watchful when somebody is maybe going door to door and wants you to make a really impulsive decision right now, and if they ask for the money in full upfront,” said Mechele Mills, President, and CEO, BBB of Central East Texas.

She says they are already getting calls.

“One of the things we are hearing is either the lights never get put up after they have taken your money or they never take them down, so you are left taking them down. But, they have your money and they have no reason to come back,” said Mills.

You will want to make sure you do your research, get referrals and the BBB says to get at least three quotes before picking a company.

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