TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Southern Baptists of Texas Convention volunteers are headed to Florida Thursday and 20 to 30 more are leaving Friday morning.

More than 2 million people are without power, internet and working sewer systems. Oncor Electric said that after surveying the damage cleaning up powerlines is a huge priority.

“There are powerlines that are out in the roads, streets and neighborhoods and we want to make sure we are responding quickly to get those out of the way and then we will be building from the ground up,” Oncor Communications Manager, Kerri Dunn said.

Oncor also recognizes the significance of restoring power to the rest of the sunshine state so other amenities can also be restored.

As the state sits in the dark, The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention are sending quick response feeding teams to help smaller communities.

“These are like food trucks, so they go in, in a much smaller capacity, about 700 meals per day, and we will set them up in remote locations and still serve the communities,” the SBTC Director of Disaster relief, Scottie Stice said.

Laundry and shower units will be set up next to shelters to provide hot showers and clean clothes.

Other recovery units are headed to Florida with equipment to assist in the clean-up of fallen trees and damaged houses.

“Equipment to remove sheetrock out of a house to get it stripped down, get it cleaned up and ready for construction,” said Stice.

As updates on the damage in Florida come in, Texas Baptist Men are sending more equipment units and volunteers to help those impacted.

Our parent company, Nexstar, will be parenting with the American Red Cross to raise funds for storm relief.

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