RUSK COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — In the last 48 hours, East Texas Fire Departments have responded to several wildfires that have burned more than 1,000 acres in total.

“With conditions like these, we see an increased risk for these kinds of fires. I would say generally speaking, yes it is unusual but we are in unusual conditions right now,” said Sean Dugan, Public Information officer for The Texas A&M Forest Service.

The newest fire sparked Monday afternoon in Rusk County, burning at least 100 acres.

“The fire grew exponentially in a quick manner due to our weather conditions we are up to a 100-acre fire,” said Rusk County Fire Marshal, Patrick Dooley.

On Sunday two wildfires broke out across the region.

A wildfire in Shelby County had spread to 300 acres. As of Monday night, a fire in Panola County had already scorched 700 more.

Officials say many local and state departments are being called to tackle the flames.

“As well as multiple air crafts to respond to these fires,” said Dugan.

When fires spread to the tops of trees, fire departments will call in helicopters to scoop up buckets of water and dump them on top of the trees.

“The main issue being a younger pine plantation you can see there are trees close together along with a bunch of ladder fuels that’s in those younger trees,” said Dugan.

The Texas A&M Forest Service said some of the large fires battled are sparked by accident.

A fire put out on Monday in Apple Springs was started by a hay baler.

“Make sure you are vigilant with what you got. Make sure your chains are tied up on your trailers, make sure you are flicking your cigarette buds out on the side of the road. There are so many different things out there,” said Dooley.

Officials want to remind everyone to be cautious and aware because there is no relief in sight.