TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Nacogdoches doctors are seeing patients come in with several viruses, similar to what many places are seeing throughout the country.

Dr. Eddy Furniss said it is more than a ‘”tripledemic.'”

“We’re actually having a ‘septidemic,'” said Dr. Eddy Furniss with Nacogdoches Health Partners.

He added that clinics and hospitals are extremely busy.

“I am seeing everything from COVID, rhinovirus one and two, human metapneumovirus, RSV. I am even seeing a little bacterium that can cause upper respiratory-like symptoms so, we are really seeing just about everything in the book right now,” said Furniss. 

According to the CDC, in the 2022-2023 season for every 100,000 people, 39.4 are being hospitalized from a case of RSV.

“But some of this immunity has waned and now we are recapturing all of these viruses in our raspatory track,” said Furniss.

For those that are not able to get medication, due to the shortages, Dr. Furniss had a few suggestions that could help.

“Call your doctor if your pharmacy is out of it, they can usually give you some other antibiotic and give you an alternative that works just as well,” said Furniss.

East Texas ERs across the region are seeing a rise in sick patients.

“ERs have been very busy across our region, lots of upper respiratory infections, RSV,  a fair amount of flu as well, and another small surge in COVID,” said Tom Cummins, Regional Chief Medical Officer for UT Health East Texas.

According to the CDC’s weekly updates, seasonal flu activity remains high but is declining in most areas.

“Stay home if you’re sick, if you’re coughing, congested, just getting over something, stay home until you’re much better,” said Cummins. 

While medications are running low, Dr. Furniss recommends old-fashioned remedies like soup, rest and of course staying home when you have symptoms.

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