OVERTON, Texas (KETK) – Three Overton City Council members who submitted resignation letters in May have been served restraining orders that require them to return to their positions until the spots can be filled.

The City of Overton filed temporary restraining orders against Josh Hill, Reggie Thompson and Monty Ward last week, and said that two-thirds of the Council must be present to conduct business.

The Council consists of four total members, and with three of their members resigning the city “is incapable of conducting business as a result of the previously referenced resignations,” according to the restraining order.

The City can only fill the vacancies by special election according to Texas Local Government code, which is scheduled for Nov. 8. The restraining order requires the three council members to return to their positions until the election.

Each have since been served citations for service, and the next Overton City Council Meeting since their citations is scheduled for Thursday night.

At the time of their resignations, Chairman of the Overton Municipal District James Alexander said he was worried about what it would mean for the city.

“I’m afraid our city is going to fall apart,” Alexander said. “Our infrastructure is falling apart, and we’re looking to get that fixed, but without our city government, we can’t do anything.”

In their resignation letters, both Ward and Hill cited ethical issues with the Overton city government as part of their reasons to leave the city council.

“I firmly believe that the majority of the governing body of the City of Overton allowing matters to go unattended and uncorrected, have and will, further escalate to a degree that will cause a detrimental amount of damage to the city,” Hill said. “Mayor Gilbert, you and the majority of the governing body of this city are literally repeating what those before you did that got our city into this mess.”