BROWNSBORO, Texas (KETK) – Multiple students who requested medical attention or were transported to the hospital after Friday night’s football halftime show have been released, according to Brownsboro ISD Superintendent Keri Hampton.

Brownsboro Fire said the cause of the incident was determined to be the result of the students suffering from dehydration.

After the halftime show, officials said they were alerted three students needed medical attention “for heat exposure type symptoms.”

Brownsboro Fire said minutes later they received additional calls for service, and that multiple other students were requesting medical attention for similar symptoms.

“UT Health EMS Ambulance service was requested for medical support, evaluation, treatment and transport of the affected students,” Brownsboro Fire said. “Three students were transported via ambulance to area hospitals for evaluations, several students were taken by private vehicle to local hospitals while several others were treated and released home with their parents from the field.”

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