NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – A video was shared over 20,000 times online showing a physical alteration between a Nacogdoches County deputy and individuals outside a residence. The incident resulted in four arrests, and the department has responded to the use of force by the officer.

In a video responding to the incident, Sheriff Jason Bridges said the deputy, who has not been named, was acting passive up until the use of force.

“It’s not a pretty situation, but it’s a situation he had to deal with,” Bridges said. “I expect at all times, no matter if you’re a jailer, deputy or what division you are here at the sheriff’s office, for officers to act responsibly and professionally at all times.”

The sheriff said the deputy was dispatched Tuesday night to Highway 59 in reference to a man being out on the roadway. The deputy encountered someone in the area, according to the sheriff, who told the deputy it could be coming from another residence where they reported to hear loud disturbances.

The deputy reported he went to the residence where he encountered a “hostile” female who was not willing to tell him what was going on. The sheriff said a man then came out, told the deputy to leave the property and that nothing was going on.

“The deputy is there to do a job,” Bridges said. “You can tell just by how they’re acting in the video there’s been an ongoing disturbance.”

The deputy reported he could hear loud noises coming from the front of the residence, and approached the porch where he encountered multiple people.

“You can tell on the video that several people are being hostile and aggressive towards the deputy,” Bridges said. “He has a lawful right to be on the property.”

The sheriff said the deputy warned the woman twice to get back after she approached him, and said the person videoing the encounter “eggs her on” to keep taunting him.

The deputy, who the sheriff said has over 20 years of law enforcement experience, struck the female when she tried putting her hands in his face and allegedly spat at him.

“The reality of the situation is this,” Bridges said. “Some people need to be talked to in different ways. Some people in certain situations, you have to make clear to them of what your reaction is going to be if they continue to do what they’re doing.”

After striking the woman, the sheriff said the deputy pulled her away and moved her from the others when he was attacked by another female and pushed the second woman to the ground. The sheriff said the first woman then began pulling at the deputies shirt and kicking him, which he responded by “striking her several times.”

The people then rushed the deputy according to the sheriff, so he drew his gun and asked them to get back. Moments later the deputy is seen holstering his gun and drawing his taser. Backup arrived shortly after and the sheriff said four people were arrested in relation to the incident.

Leah Guzman, the woman who was initially struck by the deputy was arrested for assault on a public servant, resisting arrest and criminal mischief. Betty Perez was arrested for interference with public duties, April Cauacos was arrested for resisting and evading arrest, interfering with public duties and assault on a public servant. Sarah Russel was arrested for evading and resisting arrest and failure to ID as a fugitive.