NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – Several churches in Nacogdoches are coming together to serve others by repairing houses of East Texans in need. However, the impact of inflation is leaving the group in need of donations to get the job done.

The organization is called MissionNAC. There are about 20 homes that are currently under construction, but one crew chief says that the cost of plywood and other materials have multiplied, and this is making the need for donations greater.

They have roughly 500 volunteers, who each pay a $30 fee that helps fund their projects. But, $30 doesn’t last like it used to. 

“2×4’s have gone up like three, four times, and we use a lot of 2 by 4’s. Shingles, yes everything has had its adverse effect,” says Brian Kile, one of the crew chiefs.

They are fixing everything from touching up paint, completely replacing floors, and even getting on the roof when necessary. One lady who is getting her house redone had a floor that was falling in. So, the group completely ripped the floor out and added new support and carpet. It is something that volunteers are grateful to be a part of. 

“All of us have said, ‘serving to love, loving to serve,’ and I feel more blessed than she does,” Brian says.

If you would like to donate to MissionNAC, click here.