Woman warns pet owners after nail found in Hartz dog treats sold at East Texas store

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – After a nail was found in dog treats sold at Target, one East Texas woman is warning other pet owners to be cautious about what they feed their beloved animals.

Simba has been a part of Jodi Kittle’s family since he was just a puppy.

“He’s a spoiled rotten dog, he gets everything he wants,” said Kittle.

What Simba often wants is a delicious treat but over the weekend that delicacy became a very dangerous indulgence.

Kittle fed Simba a Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twist she bought at the Tyler Target.

“He was halfway through the treat and I noticed something and so I grabbed it from him and noticed the head of a nail,” said Kittle.

She quickly returned the package to the store where she was refunded and a manager removed the extra packages from the shelf. However, to Kittle’s dismay, they were restocked on the shelves by Monday.

When Kittle reached out to the company, Hartz offered coupons and said they would pass the issue along to their quality control team.

“Why would I want coupons to get something that they produce when I found a nail in it,” said Kittle.

Dr. Spence with Spence and White Veterinary Hospital said the simplest precaution a pet parent can take is right on the box.

“I’m not surprised, a lot of these treats and all now are coming from China and Korea and all these foreign places, their quality control over there is nil, it’s very poor,” said Dr. Spence.

When looking, Kittle noticed that Hartz was headquartered in New Jersey on the bag of pigskin twists, but missed that the treats had actually been manufactured in Thailand.

“When I’m looking for treats, I would look for American companies, American born treats and ‘Made in the U.S.A.’, all that kind of good stuff, our quality control is just much, much better here,” said Dr. Spence.

For Kittle, it was a lesson learned and not a moment too quick.

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