TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The bones for the new Rose Complex are coming together. Superintendent WRL Kelly Norris is working on the large construction project.

“This is the start of the building, so by the end of the month, the building will be up, and we’ll be inside framing walls,” said Kelly Norris.

Piece by piece, the complex is closer to completion. City of Tyler Deputy Manager Stephanie Franklin was there to see the progress.

“So today is an exciting day for the City of Tyler,” said Stephanie Franklin. “The conference center tilt walls are going up, so behind us, we’ve got the crane as you can see, and we’re actually putting up walls, so we’re making it to vertical walls, which is really exciting. You’ve seen a lot of dirt moving behind us but not a lot of not vertical construction.”

When it is complete, it will take the place of the Harvey Hall Convention Center, which was demolished last summer.

“As you see out here, we’ve got a 300-ton crane with the hoist, and they are picking up the panels and setting them into place,” said Norris. “It doesn’t take long. It probably takes about 20 minutes per panel to stand up and place and brace it off so it’ll go fast.”

The building is coming along as planned.

“We’re still confident that we’ll open the building in October of 2022 with the Texas Rose Festival,” said Franklin. “We understand that there has been some issues with supply chain issues with other projects, but we are still optimistic, and we are still moving forward with the on-time schedule.”

“Everything is on track. This is where we thought we’d be,” said Norris.

Construction crews are hopeful the new convention center will be complete by October, in time for the Texas Rose Festival.