Tyler, Texas (KETK) — The City of Tyler expects the W.T. Brookshire Conference Center to be complete by March 2023.

The $28 million project will transform the Tyler Rose Complex by adding the city’s new conference center. City officials are excited and say the W.T. Brookshire convention center will be state-of-the-art.

“Inside it’s going to be transformed and state of the art to a much more and efficient convention center,” said Deputy City Manager, Stephanie Franklin.

The center replaces Harvey Hall which was built in the 1970s and the new building will add flexibility for events.

“Harvey Convention Center has been added on throughout the years and wasn’t an efficient layout,” said Franklin.

The updates include new windows, a controlled climate system and a 3-acre park in the front. Another feature includes the brick-like structure.

“The brickwork and that’s what’s really enhancing the architectural arches, which is an architectural feature of the building,” said Franklin.

Another feature is the 17,000-square-foot hall that can be turned into 10 different break-out rooms using movable walls for events.

The completion date has been pushed back from October 2022 to March 2023 due to manufacturing and supply chain issues.

The city said they hope to have a grand opening party in March to celebrate the newest addition to the Rose City.