North East Texas man offers to fix broken pipes for free

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TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL) – A local resident is helping his community after a winter storm leaves behind damages to several homes.

The winter storms brought in freezing temperatures for several days, causing pipes to burst and leaving many families without running water.

A Texarkana, Texas, resident, Timothy Overlock of Ren’s Renovations, a home contracting company, said he felt like there were lot of people in town needing help, but might not be able to afford it, or a plumber couldn’t get to them.

So Overlock made a Facebook post offering to fix broken pipes for free. Unsurprisingly, the post went viral in his community, and now he’s overwhelmed with the number of responses.

Overlock said he’s always been “been kind of a lowkey business guy,” and has never had so many people reach out at for services – especially all at once.

Because more than 200 people reached out for help, Overlock decided to prioritize those with children or elderly people at home. But he’ll eventually get to them all – his goal, he says, is to help everyone who needs it.

With no help, Overlock said most of his time is spent driving back and forth to the store, which limits the number of people he can help in one day.

“It could be a five-minute job where I’m just capping off a simple PVC pipe. Or it could be something where I have to crawl under the house and go get fittings and then crawl under there again. And it might take an hour or two,” Overlock said.

Overlock, who is not charging anything and is soaking up his labor, said some residents are offering to pay for parts, but the benefit he’s getting by having skills that are helping people in is community is priceless.

Texarkana resident Stephanie McWhorter, who has three children and was without water in her home said she was tagged in a Facebook post about Overlock’s efforts. So she asked if he would come help her, and he responded.

A grateful McWhorter said, “Nobody helps anybody anymore. I feel like this town could do a lot and become a lot more and nobody puts forth the effort.”

Anyone in dire need of services can If anyone is in dire need of services, they can contact Overlock on the Rens Renovations Facebook page. Overlock will be fixing pipes through the end of this week.

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