TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Several industries have been impacted by product shortages and others have had to increase their prices just to keep the lights on.

Now East Texans weekly trip to the grocery store may cost more than what they are used to.

Dr. David Anderson, a professor and economist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension said that wheat and barley have been among the products that are costing more than usual.

“Many of those crops are not irrigated and so you rely on rainfall, so when you’re in a drought yields decline, and so our production of those decline,” Dr. Anderson said.

Specific kinds of wheat are commonly used to make pasta and flour, which are common household items.

“It’s just because we don’t happen to grow those here, that we’ll all face those higher prices from tighter supply of those crops,” Dr. Anderson added.

A local mother with three boys said she is used to spending a lot of money on groceries every month and added that if she isn’t seeing an increase in prices, she’s seeing them not have the product at all.

“I actually do a lot of online shopping, and so I do grocery pick up, and I’ve noticed a lot of things being out of stock that I would usually buy,” Bridget McCurdy said. 

Dr. Anderson added that other things have contributed to the increase in prices like shortages in workers and materials.

Ultimately the drought has created a struggle for American farmers and companies.

Dr. Anderson said it may take a year or so before Texans see prices go down and said that it all depends on the next growing season.