TYLER, Texas (KETK) – With reports of mobile homes being thrown with people in them during last month’s tornado outbreak, there are some things you should consider if you live in similar dwellings.

The CDC and the National Weather Service warns that if people live in a mobile, RV, or any other unstable structure, they do not want to be caught inside during a tornado.

“Mobile homes or tiny homes don’t hold up very well to sever weather,” said Terry Linder, Rusk County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Officials are trying to be proactive this time by opening up their doors for people to take shelter before a tornado hits.

“There’s actually two fire stations as well as the police station in Henderson, and they would both be opened and manned 24 hours a day,” said Brian Bathke, the City of Henderson’s Emergency Manager.

Although there’s no official location for pre-storm sheltering, Rusk County officials said their doors are always open to anyone who may need shelter before severe weather.

“We’re trying to make plans, in the future if we are under an enhanced or moderate risk with special threat of tornados to be proactive and try to open up a congregate shelter,” said Linder.

Officials said one of the most important precautions you can take when severe weather is imminent is making sure you have several reliable ways to receive weather notifications.  

People can download the East Texas Storm Team App.

One way to stay ahead of the storm is through the East Texas Storm Team app. A great resource where you can view Futurecast, and set up custom alerts for multiple locations. You will be notified of lightning and storm alerts, rotating storm threats, and custom messages from our Meteorologists. Download for Apple and Android devices. Also, have a secondary way to receive weather information, like a NOAA Weather Radio.