OVERTON, Texas (KETK) — Regina Johnson has lived in Overton for 50 years, and over the weekend she woke up to no water which she said is becoming a recurrence.

“I’m not feeling good about it, because the city wants to charge all these expensive water bills every month,” said Regina Johnson, Overton resident.

The city said they were prepared for the below-freezing temperatures, but Mayor Curtis Gilbert said two wells froze and pipes broke.

“You know they had time to prepare for this one because this time they claimed heater pumps went down on the water towers, the water tanks and they knew well in advance to prepare and they chose not to,” said Laura Howell, Overton resident.

Johnson and other residents said losing pressure or water has become a monthly event and they are fed up.

“I just hope someone will help them, you know help them get it fixed, get it done, and quit wasting the funds on something else, put it into the water source system,” said Kathy Ward, New London resident.

Water employees have been out working to fix the problem for days and the mayor says they are close to finishing.

“Both wells are up and running right now, we do have a few leaks in the city because of our infrastructure, once you put pressure back on the pipes sometimes we have a new leak pop up,” said Curtis Gilbert, Mayor of Overton.

Gilbert said they are in the final stages of lifting the boil water notice.

“We got pressure in the city and we are waiting on results of our chlorine results,” said Gilbert

But, the people of Overton like Johnson don’t believe him.

“I don’t think it’s very going to be fixed, I think there needs to be something totally done completely, get rid of everybody and bring in all new,” said Johnson.

All they can do is hope the water woes will be fixed permanently.

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