UPDATE (6/21) – With the tank level at least 112 feet, everyone should now have water.

“As far as conserving water I think we are good, citizens should probably begin conserving water anyway due to the extreme heat and drought situation,” Overton Police Chief Bryan Pool said.


OVERTON, Texas (KETK) — The City of Overton is on day eight of a boil water notice, and a second break in the water line forced the city to shut off the supply altogether. Just off of FM 850, a contractor hit a water line last weekend, and a second break that happened early Monday morning could be due to extreme heat, according to city officials. 

As a result, residents are feeling the hit and pressure. Demonica Jiles lives in the area and says that the notice couldn’t have come at a worse time. 

“With gas being so high, now’s not the time to be without water because you’re using gas to drive to the next location to take care of what you can’t take care of at home,” said Jiles. 

The city is asking residents to boil their water before brushing their teeth, washing their hands, flushing the toilet or drinking water. Most people are saying they know it isn’t the city’s fault but has become something they are all too familiar with. 

“Everything is old around here in Overton, I mean they really need to go back and change all the pipes instead of repairing them,” says Milton Ragsdale, an Overton resident. 

A handful of businesses are in the area of the main break, the owners at Milano’s Pizza say they have brought in water by the gallon, but they can only offer carry-out right now. This is limiting their customer base and puts the city at a standstill, while they wonder when it will be fixed.

“You can’t take baths, eat out, anything like that. You know people have to use the bathroom and stuff, so it’s kind of an impact. And then you’ve got businesses that are losing money,” Jiles said. “Kids not able to go to school because there’s no water. So hopefully they’ll get it fixed, but it’s not the city’s fault.”