OVERTON, Texas (KETK) — Some Overton citizens are concerned after several members in their volunteer fire department resigned. Several described what’s happening as small-town politics.

They said they just don’t want to see it get in the way of the town’s growth and potential. TJ Lewis has dedicated nearly 11 years of his life to the Overton volunteer fire department.

“It’s a giving community. Of course, I got my start here at 16,” said Lewis.

Sunday, he announced his resignation as former assistant chief, but he wasn’t the only one.

“The chief, me as the former assistant chief, the secretary, and another fireman, they all resigned the same night which was completely unexpected. I had every intention to go in there and resign because I didn’t agree with what was going on,” said Lewis.

It’s the latest controversy that has plagued and threatened city business. KETK News reached out to several Overton residents but they declined to be on camera because, for people in town, it’s a sensitive subject.

“Volunteering is hurting, so to lose four members, especially four active members, it’s definitely a hit to the department,” added Lewis.

Lewis described how his neighbors are feeling.

“The community is not happy with it,” said Lewis.

Lewis said his reason for leaving involves current city managers and the rift that’s been forming between the departments for some time.

“There would need to be a serious sit down between us and the city and basically get on the same page,” explained Lewis.

He said he hopes to see positive change come soon. More will be discussed in a city council meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Lewis said he will read a resignation letter at the meeting.

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