TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Christmas is over and fireworks stands have officially opened for business!

Pappy’s Fireworks has been around since 1983, for some families it has become a tradition to shop there for their holiday celebrations.

“I have people that will come and they say ‘Hey my grandpa brought me here when I was 10’ and now they’re bringing their grandkids,” said Chris Harris, owner of Pappy’s Fireworks.

Harris said New Year’s Eve is their second biggest holiday every year. He added that they have already seen some business this week, but by Thursday and Friday he’s expecting crowds of up to 150 customers at once.

“So, we are expecting a really good season, as you can see, we have got a tremendous amount of inventory in here with it falling on a Friday/Saturday,” said Harris.

From sparklers to fireworks that light up the sky, they have something for everyone in the family. 

“We really try to create an experience that they want to bring their families to and be part of their family traditions,” said Harris.

Although fireworks bring on the fun for the new year, there are measures to keep in mind to stay safe.

“We want everyone to be safe when dealing with fireworks this year,” said Chad Hogue, Chief Deputy Fire Marshall of Smith County.

Hogue said you should soak your fireworks in water after using them and to not use fireworks while intoxicated. He shared what type of locations are best if you plan on using them.

“A flat level surface that does not have a lot of vegetation or anything like that clear of any buildings or trees,” said Hogue.

So, when you’re ringing in the new year, make sure to be aware of your surroundings when lighting off fireworks.

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