TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The South American area at Caldwell Zoo will start looking different soon as they prepare for something new and exciting.

“It’s getting a really good facelift and refreshing from the ground up,” said Scott Maddox, Chief Operating Officer, Caldwell Zoo.

The area is the oldest part of the zoo and is now being renovated.

“Our goal is for it to be a lot more interactive for guests to be able to really be a part of what’s going on,” said Maddox.

Along with a new name the Amazon River’s Edge, additional habitats will be added. There will be a river that runs through the area housing giant river otters, a sloth exhibit and a special jaguar habitat.

“The other cool thing is that there will be a bridge from the main jaguar habitat across over the top of the public sidewalk into another habitat that we are calling a flex habitat,” said Maddox.

Along with the bridge guests will have access to underwater viewing of the jaguars. Adding to the experience Chief Operating Officer Scott Maddox said they have even more planned.

“We got some plans up our sleeve that I’m going to save for a surprise but I just want to give a little teaser that we got some things planned for this area that I think people are really going to enjoy,” said Maddox.

Construction has started at the zoo. Maddox said he can’t wait for guests to experience the new dynamic and engaging exhibit.

“We’re super excited, we’re glad that it’s off the ground, we’re looking forward to a completion of it hopefully late spring to early summer of next year,” said Maddox.

The Caldwell Zoo said some of the animals from the old exhibit will be returning to the area and they are currently looking for new ones to add.