Pay your child support, or don’t drive in Texas legally

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Pay child support, or you can’t drive. It’s an extension of a law by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and it goes in effect next month.
The Texas Attorney General’s Office says it is better enforcing the law with technology.
The law penalizes those who are behind on their child support payments. If you’re six months or more behind on child support you can’t renew your vehicle registration, drivers, recreational and professional licenses. 
Officials from the Texas Attorney General’s Office say this motive has been a very effective tool for getting parents to pay their child support. But now they’re kicking it up a notch with the help of technology.
Texas Attorney General’s Office-Communications Manager With Child Support Division Janece Rolfe says, “Technology makes it possible to match the information with various agencies so that we’re able to identify parents who are in the process or are due to renew their vehicle registrations.”
Rolfe tells us they anticipate that each month there will be from 1,000 to 2,000 parents who have gone at least six months without making a payment. And all of them will be renewing their car registration. 
For Potter County officials it’s still up in the air how this new extension will affect the residents in the area.
Potter County Tax Assessor Collector  Sherri Aylor says,” We’re kind of taking it a wait and see. We really don’t know with the number being so small how it’s really going to affect our office you know where those numbers are really located”
When it comes to this new extension, a local attorney who deals with child support cases, tells us, he has some concerns.
Attorney Stewart Werner says, “I kind of question the propriety of it without providing due process of law. Plus in my sense of it is it might make some folks make it harder for them to make a living if they can’t register their car. It causes a concern about how they’re going to be able to drive to work. And if they’re not able to work, how are they going to pay their child support?”
Starting September 1st, those who are six months or more behind on child support will be informed by mail.
It’ll come on your vehicle registration renewal form that everyone receives.  
Aylor tells us that there’s 2,300 people in Texas that are six months or more behind on child support. 

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