TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Those in East Texas who work in pest control say they are busy this summer season because ants are everywhere, and the insects are looking for refuge in your home. Dennis Newberry with Alpha Pest Control says the heat and lack of food is playing a role.

The most common species they see are sugar and carpenter ants. 

“Sugar ants are caused by leaving food out, pet food overnight, crumbs, things that fall out of your garbage can,” Newberry says. 

He adds that people should avoid leaving food out and to take your trash out every night. Carpenter ants like wood, and Newberry says they find weak spots in trees, chew right through and nest inside. This creates a risk for you and your home. 

“They use that cavity for a living space, and then they put satellite nests in the house. They can have a numerous number of satellite nests from the main colony outdoors,” Newberry says.

There are some home remedies like RAID, which work well. He says it does repel ants but is not a permanent solution. Fire ants are infamous for destroying your garden. The Texas A&M Agrilife Extension recommends doing your research before applying chemicals to your growing goods.