BROWNSBORO, Texas (KETK) – Several reports of significant flooding in Brownsboro due to Tuesday rain.

According to officials, the eastbound lanes of Highway 31 in front of City Hall are flooded and drivers are asked to use extreme caution in this area.

City Hall was due to the building being flooded on Tuesday. Officials are hoping it will dry out overnight and that they will be able to reopen Wednesday morning.

Charles Chitwood works at the Gateway gas station in Brownsboro, and said they had water at their backdoor.

“The back of the store got pretty flooded, and there were some logs that washed up from the creek into our parking lot, and I had to move those,” said Charles Chitwood, Brownsboro resident. “And it was pretty muddy back there, and nothing too bad, but I heard Brownsboro got it pretty bad.”

Chitwood said they did have a lot of cleaning to do. He said they had a lot of muddy feet and debris come in from the flooding.

  • Photo of water rushing on a Brownsboro road
  • Photo showing a flooded street in Brownsboro
  • Photo showing high waters in Brownsboro
  • Water rushing by a traffic cone on a Brownsboro road
  • Photo of rushing water on a road in Brownsboro

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