TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Freezing conditions are impacting parts of East Texas.

Downed power lines, fallen trees and power outages are causing problems throughout the Piney Woods as a shallow, cold air mass settles across the area.

Below are photos from around East Texas showing some of the wintery conditions.

Emerald Bay

Light sleet in Emerald Bay, photo courtesy of Ross Hays


Photo sent in from a viewer four miles south of Frankston

Smith County

  • A fallen tree on an RV in Smith County
  • RV split in half by fallen tree
  • Trees canopying County Road 46


  • Icy trees seen on Tuesday at Bergfeld Park
  • A tree pulled up from its roots, laying on its side.
  • Up close shot of ice on a windshield
  • Photo of icy trees at Bergfeld Park
  • Icy trees seen on Tuesday at Bergfeld Park
  • Small droplets of ice frozen on the edge of a roof
  • Sleet that's created a thick layer of ice on a windshield
  • Oncor power trucks lined up on a wet road in Tyler, Loop 323.

Do you have photos of winter weather in the area? Feel free to send them in to us.