TYLER, Texas (KETK) – It is week three of high school football season. So far this season, across Texas, at least three student-athletes suffered game-related severe head injuries.

One in West Texas even resulting in a death. Doctor Randy Williams with Christus Health Orthopedic Sports Medicine, says they see about 10 children a week for sports-related  head injuries.

“A concussion is, it’s the head stops and the brain keeps moving, and it bruises itself when it hits the side of the skull, and there is no way to really stop that,” Dr. Williams said.

He says after years of research a single way to prevent concussion hasn’t been found. But there are precautions schools can take to help reduce the chance of severe injuries .

“All of our athletics coaches do go through training  for concussions, to recognize concussion and to treat concussion,” Director of Communications for Henderson ISD, David Chenault said.

David Chenault with Henderson ISD says the students safety is important.

“We follow concussion protocol very strictly,” said Chenault.

That’s why they partner with UT Health and make sure any coach or trainer that walks on the field is trained.

“We can’t prevent all accidents from happening, there are injuries that are going to happen one time or another , we can do with the most that we can to prevent those accidents, prevention is really the key,” said Chenault.

Doctor Williams says you may not be able to prevent a concussion, but you make sure you know the signs of a head injury.

“You need to be educated about those signs, hopefully you can get your kids, if they are playing UIL sports, the school is required by state law by Natasha Law to have a system set up for concussion evaluations,” said Dr. Williams.

Signs of a concussion include the player appearing groggy, they are stumbling around, and they may complain of a headache.

“We are so adamant about if the kid, if you think they have a concussion you pull them out until you can get a full estimate, it’s just not worth the risk,” said Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams says making sure the players are safe is the most important thing.

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