TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Business is booming for a mother and daughter who partnered in a venture making hand painted playing cards during the pandemic.

The business is not just growing in Texas, but nationally.

Kim and Frances Hackney got creative during the pandemic when the two were entering a transitional period in their lives. These two shared how the pandemic changed their lives and how their business, Foster, is now a part of this year’s Texas Rose Festival Parade.

Kim Hackney, with a background in Interior Design and her daughter, Frances, who is an Art and Visual Designer, combined their skills to launch a business that would complete their mission- fostering memories and creating quality time.

“The meaning of Foster; to promote, to nurture and encourage. Every deck of cards that we do has that meaning behind the cards. We just hope these pieces of art fall into people’s hands really brings them together and fosters relationships”, Kim Hackney said.

The Hackney’s shared that the idea came to be by trying to put together a mom and daughter gift.

During a time of COVID-19, people were looking for creative things to do.

‘’I suggested painting a hand- painted playing deck of cards. Our family loves to play cards, we’ve played cards for years. It’s just a good way to come together and talk, fellowship”, Kim said.

The duo started making these decks by focusing on their alma mater, Ole Miss and memories from the Oxford community. With business a huge success, The Hackney’s have been looking forward to designing a deck for the Rose Festival Parade.  

“It worked out really well because we are able to do each Lady in Waiting, each Duchess, the precious children in the festival, and Queen Anna Grace Hallmark is on the  front of the cards with her logo,” Kim said.

Kim and her daughters have participated in the Rose Festival Parade in year’s past, making it very special for their artwork to be featured.

“It’s really fun to grow up in that community and now that we’ve started this business that is flourishing nationally. It’s very fun to still be a part of Tyler. It’s great to be bringing the community together through our business”, Frances said.

Foster has been commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind deck featuring 52 custom paintings for the Rose Festival. Each card representing a unique festival costume and this year’s theme is Secrets of The Garden.  You can find their merchandise at https://www.solelyfoster.com/

You can watch the Rose Festival Parade right on KETK at 9am on Saturday.