PALESTINE, Texas (KETK) — A man and a woman were arrested Friday after Palestine police officers reportedly saw adult human bite marks on a 2-year-old’s torso, officials said.

Maycie Holbrook, 21, and Seth Gilkey, 31, both of Palestine, were arrested Friday night and booked into the Anderson County Jail.

Holbrook was charged with injury to a child criminal negligence, false report/statement to a police officer and knowingly failing to make/request child abuse report.

Gilkey was charged with injury to a child with intent/bodily injury.

Just before 8 p.m. Friday, Palestine police were dispatched to a residence in the 500 block of North Sycamore Street in reference to reports of child abuse.

According to police, an anonymous party asked officers to check the welfare of a 2-year-old child at that location.

Officers arrived on the scene and made contact with Holbrook, the mother of the child, who denied that the child was injured or that there were any issues, police said. An officer asked to see the child who was reportedly found wearing long sleeves and pants and said the child did not appear to be in distress or injured at that time. Police noted that due to the child’s clothing, injuries would not have been visible.

Police said without any further information to go on, officers cleared the scene.

Later that night, officers made contact with a person who said they saw bite marks on the child’s torso during a FaceTime call with Holbrook earlier in the day.

Officers returned to the residence and Holbrook answered the door after several attempts, officials said. Holbrook allegedly became upset with officers and refused to allow the child to be examined, stating all claims were false.

According to police, Holbrook said no one else was in the apartment and that the officer needed to leave. Law enforcement officers then saw a man through a window who was holding the child, the release stated.

Police made contact with the man, Gilkey, who stated that everything was fine and was reportedly reluctant to let officers near the child. While he was holding the child, officers saw what appeared to be a bite mark made by an adult human on the child’s torso, police said.

Gilkey was arrested, and Holbrook said she was aware of the injuries but did not indicate any intent to report them, according to police. She said that only she and Gilkey lived at the residence and was then taken into custody.

Officials said that further examination of the 2-year-old revealed an apparent bite mark and several other bruises. Child Protective Services was contacted, and the child was placed with relatives.

Gilkey and Holbrook were booked into jail without incident.

“This is one of those cases that is difficult to see, and you hope you never do.” PPD Chief Mark Harcrow said. “I commend the officers for their diligence in this case and saving this child’s life.”

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