TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The fentanyl crisis has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Americans in just the last year. Now there is a new warning about this deadly drug that every parent should hear.

Fentanyl is making its way into the hands of school-aged children. The drug has already claimed the lives of at least four Texas students this year.

Now experts say the makers of this illegally manufactured drug are targeting kids.

“They’re making look like candy, you know, like M&Ms, and they’re rainbow-colored, specifically and designed to be sold to our children,” said Dr. C.M. Schade, member of the Texas Medical Association and former president of the Texas Pain Society.

“It’s scary to us that our kids are finally becoming susceptible to the fentanyl problems that most of the major cities have had,” said Rusk County Sheriff Johnwayne Valdez.

Hear from medical and law enforcement experts on what is being done to stop fentanyl from getting into the hands of East Texas children.

Fentanyl: No Quick Fix airs Tuesday, Nov. 1 on Fox 51 News at 9.