TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Severe weather can be damaging, especially to roofs. Many companies will try to sell you on their business only for quick cash. 

The Better Business Bureau said scammers try to take advantage of your vulnerability. There are a couple of easy ways to tell if you are about to get scammed. 

“Typically what we see is people will show up at your door saying they have leftover material from a neighbor down the street,” said Mechele Mills, with the Central Texas BBB.

Workers who are usually from out of town will show up in neighborhoods. Some don’t want to help, they just want your money.

“They understand the process of the insurance they don’t need the money right then and there. They should be able to operate they can handle doing business without having money up front,” said Roy Brombaugh, ASAP Roofing.

It is important to always use a trusted business. Beware if they are not from Texas.

“They’ll do work for a little while and not necessarily do bad work if there’s a scenario that pops up and there is an issue. A lot of times they can’t get these companies back out here and now they are stuck paying someone again to fix something they already paid for,” said Brombaugh.

Scammers will also not have any business cards to show they are a legit business.

“If they don’t have a company logoed shirt on or they aren’t in a company wrapped vehicle those are the ones you wanna be careful with,” said Brombaugh.

The BBB of Central Texas urges you to use the internet, talk to neighbors and check the company out first.

“If they don’t want you to do your homework, that is definitely a red flag. A legitimate, trustworthy company is going to allow you to do your homework and hopefully they have a reputation, a good reputation that you would call them back,” said Mills.

Decisions based on research and past experiences are the best way when dealing with money. Contact your insurance company first, to handle the situation.