MARSHALL, Texas (KETK) — East Texas Baptist University broke their undergraduate enrollment record for the fall 2023 semester.

“We are excited about the number of students coming to ETBU, this year we’ve seen a record number of enrollment,” said Amber Daub, ETBU Dean of the School of Education.

President of ETBU, Dr. Blair Blackburn is proud of the university’s expansion.

“1,833 students, it’s a historic record for the institution. We are excited to have so many wonderful students that God has called to what we say is our home on the hill at East Texas Baptist University,” said Blackburn.

They are encouraging students to challenge their minds and empower their leadership.

“The spirit of ETBU to me, is a very attractive thing and that is what’s drawing students to the campus,” said Daub.

The institution is also in the process of merging with another institution: “B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary is a seminary for graduate, theological education, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and they are merging into ETBU,” said Blackburn.

ETBU is going through the accreditation process for the merger now, but it takes time.

“We’ll be moving forward in the process for accreditation approval and that merger will be official in January of 2025,” said Blackburn.

The campus can take pride in what’s to come for ETBU and looking forward to this school year.

“Just a year where we can meet goals at levels that we’ve never seen before,” said Daub.

They are working to continue exceeding in all areas at East Texas Baptist University.