TYLER, Texas (KETK) — On Tuesday, the U.S. Congress will begin its term. Nathaniel Moran will be sworn in as East Texas’ first new congressman in 18 years, following his predecessor Louie Gohmert.

Former County Judge, Nathaniel Moran, will be sworn in after winning the seat in November by a wide margin.  

“The recession of the economy and border security by far are the top 2 issues people want us to address in Congress,” said Moran, on election night of 2022.

Local party leaders said the Republican congressman has to be ready to hit the ground running.

“It has to be determined which committee he gets on and that’s really gonna dictate a lot of what he’s going to be able to push forward as a freshman legislature,” said Smith County Republican Party Chair, David Stein.

Democrats said Moran’s priorities should be for all.

“All we can hope for is now is that he will play a more bipartisan role and represent all the people not just lean whether its far right or centralist or more to the left,” said Smith County Democratic Party Chair, Hector Garza.

Both parties believe he has strong qualities.

He’s unflappable, he’s strategic, he understands what hill to die on and what hill not to die on in Washington D.C. and that’s pretty important,” said Stein.

Moran is an East Texas native and instrumental in the growth of Smith County since he was appointed judge is 2016.

“Moran is a fighter, he really is and I’ve seen him for many years and I’ve seen him push agendas across and I think he’s really going to fit right in and I think he’s going to pick up and run with the ball,” said Garza.

Stein and Garza hope to see East Texas as the only priority for him.

“I hope he pushes for the people. Education, infrastructure, our homeless people here in Tyler and in East Texas. I hope he helps us find a solution to it,” said Garza.

“Temptations are greater, the pressure is greater. I just suspect deep down nobody is going to knock him off his foundation of faith,” said Stein.

Moran is one out of 75 new members of Congress that will be sworn into the House of Representatives Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Click here to watch the ceremony live.

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