SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — Jackson community residents’ concerns continue to grow after dealing with unclean water for more than a decade.

The community of Jackson held a meeting Thursday with members of the community and said enough is enough.

“Well we don’t really know how good the water is because we have so much raw sewage all over the place,” said Nola Chandler, Jackson resident.

Chandler has had her water tested by Jackson Water Supply because she has one of the oldest houses in the community.

She said that previous tests have come back with excessive amounts of magnesium. Many residents use filtered water and bottled water.

“I just drink bottled water, I’ll wash clothes and dishes with the water, but I’ll drink bottled water,” said Jackson resident, Ferrell Pinke.

After her recent test earlier this year, the water supply company has not gotten back to her with the results.

“My faucets and my small appliances were just eroding, just being eaten up and it would always leave a white stain around the sink if it were to dry. Say like if it would dry on the faucet, you would always see the white residue,” said Chandler.

Residents say that the potential risk for undrinkable water is because of the continued waste dump by the city. The landfill lies next to a creek that runs through the community.

“When they first started dumping, it might be high as a truck, now you got a mountain, so as that water stream comes down, the same water comes through,” said Pinke.

Nola has even asked for help from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. After a certain percentage of signatures from residents, work could begin toward a new water system.

“The first thing that we will end up doing is putting a wastewater plant at the Jackson Elementary School,” said Chandler.

At the town meeting, community members say the next step is for everyone to go directly to the Smith County Commissioners Court to make their voices heard.  

KETK News reached out to the Jackson Water Supply Company and as of this writing has not received a statement.

The next Smith County Commissioners Court meeting is Oct. 11 at 9:30 a.m.

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