Two more cities in Texas have declared themselves ‘Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.’

Sanctuary Cities prohibit abortion clinics from opening in their area and performing abortions.

While the movement was started right here in East Texas, it is causing controversy between pro-life and pro-choice organizations.

Big Springs and Colorado City are the ninth and 10th locations in Texas to pass the city ordinance.

“By ordinance, we have outlawed abortion, and we want to see more cities throughout Texas stand up and say definitely babies will never be murdered in this city,” said Mark Dickson, Director of Right to Life.

Dickson led the charge as a way to respond to Louisianna’s fetal heartbeat bill.

Starting in Waskom, he made his way throughout East Texas spreading awareness and making change.

“When we see these cities rise up, they’re doing their constitutional duty,” said Dickson. “They believe that every human being, human beings that look exactly like this deserve to live.”

While Sanctuary Cities are spreading throughout Texas, some are worried it could send the wrong message to women who want to know more about their rights.

“Really all they do is score political points at the expense of people’s life and confuse and intimidate people who are trying to get healthcare,” said Cristina Parker, Lilith Fund.

Parker works with Lilith Fund and Planned Parenthood to help fund abortions for women across Texas.

“The only thing that this ban does is confuse people, intimidate people. It makes them think well if I live in this city or this county do I suddenly not have the rights that everyone else has in Texas, and that’s just not true,” said Parker.

As the list expands, some lawyers have warned cities about passing the ordinance because of the legal challenges it carries.

Siting Roe vs. Wade, taking away the power of state and local governments from protecting unborn babies from abortion.

Dickson has others the list hoping to encourage them to become Sanctuary Cities including Lindale, Mount Enterprise, Carthage, and Gary.


  • Waskom
  • Naples
  • Joaquin
  • Tenaha
  • Gilmer
  • Westbrook
  • Rusk
  • Colorado City
  • Big Spring
  • Gary