ATHENS, Texas (KETK) — An East Texas non-profit is offering $10,000 for information they say would help them solve a 1960’s cold case. The organization is trying to find the bodies of 10,000 aborted babies in Henderson County.

Right to Life of East Texas says around 10,000 babies were aborted 60 years ago. They say the procedures were all done illegally by one doctor in Henderson County.

Mark Lee Dickson is the director of Right to Life East Texas.

“If he killed 10,000 babies in Athens, Texas, what did he do with those bodies? Did he bury those bodies? If so, where?” asked Mark Lee Dickson.

Dickson said babies were illegally aborted and disposed of by the thousands in Athens before the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade.

“This is a city that back in the late 1960s, a guy by the name of Curtis Boyd was performing illegal abortions here in the city of Athens,” said Dickson.

Right to Life of East Texas said they are calling on the Athens Police Department and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office to open up an investigation into this matter.

“We would like to, there’d be some kind of recognition of those lives because those lives are valuable, just like, like anyone else’s life,” said Dickson.

60 years ago, thousands of abortions were performed in Athens, and just down the road from the abortion clinic is where the doctor performing the abortion lived. Now the home is owned by the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church, Charlie Robinson.

“I found out the history of this house when she was pregnant,” said Charlie Robinson. “And I just couldn’t break that news to her that Curtis Boyd lived here, and just his story in the late 60’s, and what all took place until after our little girl was born.”

Pastor Charlie Robinson and his church are collecting signatures, and their goal is to outlaw abortion in Athens.

“To think that a house that used to be filled with an abortionist is now filled with a Christian family and a believer in the sanctity of life. It’s just a little small thing that I can do to contribute to the cause of Christ,” said Robinson.

Many pro-life activists are working to uncover what happened to the unborn in Athens.

These abortions took place at the Old Park Highland Clinic location in what is not Richardson Street.

Dr. Curtis Boyd is credited with opening the first abortion clinic in Texas in 1973. He still operates two centers, one in Dallas and one in Albuquerque, New Mexico.