TYLER, Texas (KETK) – During the summer of 2022, East Texas was hit by extreme droughts.

“We sold off so many cows last year because of the drought, they weren’t around to have calves this year, and which those calves won’t be around to be beef about two years from now,” said David Anderson, Economist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

David Anderson an economist with Texas A&M says beef production is down 5% this year and prices are steadily increasing. To fight those prices some people have decided to buy their own steer.

“You’re going to spend a little more you know, it’s a little bit bigger, bill, upfront but in the long run your price per pound is so much cheaper than the store,” said Karson Beavers, owner, Tri-Vita Cattle Company.

Right now you can get a brisket for $2.31 per pound compared with $2.09 last year, but Karson Beavers owner of Tri-Vita Cattle Company said you get more bang for your buck if you buy in bulk.

“We haven’t raised our price on our beef ever since we started in 2017,” said Beavers.

And even though it’s a lot of money upfront, Beavers said half of a steer lasts his family of five all year.

“You could be invested about $9 a pound, granted, a hamburger might be a little more, but you’re getting your filets, your rib eyes, all of these, the price will be so much cheaper in the long run,” said Beavers.

Pork and chicken are also seeing some price changes but in the other direction.

“We’re producing more pork and we’ve been producing more chicken, and so that’s the simple answer is we’re producing more of it, and therefore we got much lower prices,” said Anderson.

Currently, chicken wings have dropped to 88 cents a pound compared to last year’s $1.86, and pork spareribs are down to $1.44 per pound from $2.41 in 2022. It’s not all good news though. Anderson said lower prices could mean problems for producers.

“I think we’re going to see less pork produced in the future because of really pretty staggering financial losses,” said Anderson.

But whether you choose to buy your meat at the store or get it straight from the steer both say, they hope your grilling season won’t be affected.