APPLE SPRINGS, Texas (KETK) – In January, two-year-old Tessa Aycock spent nearly 30 minutes underwater before her family found her. Almost two months later, despite doctors’ doubts, she is on a miraculous road to recovery.

“She’s more alert. She’s smiling at us. She’s tracking us. She’s getting stronger. She can roll from her side to her back and hold her head up for a certain amount of time. She’s just making a lot of good progress,” said Tessa’s mom, Amanda Aycock.

The Aycock family has traveled across the nation for treatments and she currently is getting plenty of therapy.

“She’s receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy,” Aycock said. “ And she sees a chiropractor 3 times a week.”

Doctors did not expect a full recovery, but Aycock said she has faith her daughter will be healthier than before her accident.

“By now we’re completely used to doctors and medical teams looking at us like we’re kinda crazy for expecting that but I tell them in the hospital every time you come in here and tell me bad news…she proves you wrong,” she said.

She hopes her daughter’s testimony continues to reach thousands, bringing them closer to God and inspiring courage and hope when times get rough.

“We want to be able to reach people by telling them when you’re in the hospital and you’re being told there’s no hope, there’s nothing else we can do…start your research. Reach out to other people because yes there is there is always other avenues.”

The Aycock family is still accepting donations for medical expenses on their GoFundMe page. To donate, click here.